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#ExpertsMeetOnCancerTherapy2018 Cancer Therapy Meeting 2018 Surgery is the removal of the tumor and the adjacent tissues affected with tumor at a time. A surgical oncologist is a person who specializes in treating cancer using surgery. Submit your abstract on Surgery and advances in Cancer Surgery. For abstract submission:

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Cancer Therapy Meeting 2018 Tumors are swollen masses in parts of the body caused by an abnormal growth of tissue. Certain tumors, such as “solid tumors” (a tumor that doesn’t contain any liquid or cysts, and includes sarcomas, carcinomas, and lymphomas), can be either benign or malignant.
Malignant Tumors:
Malignant tumors are cancerous. They divide without control and invade other tissues nearby. They can also spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Benign Tumors:
A benign tumor is a non-cancerous tumor. This means the tumor does not invade nearby tissue or spread in the body and is therefore much less risky. However, certain benign tumors can still pose health risks and require treatment.
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Publishing of Full Paper in a Special Issue on Cancer in Journal (PubMed Indexed) 
1. Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy  2. Journal of Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis  3. Journal of Integrative Oncology 
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Track: 2 Most prevalent cancers

The most prevalent cancers in the world by comparing to the men and women are lung cancer is the most prevalent cancer of all the cancers. The most common cancers occurring in men are  occupying about 43% of the cancers occurring in men. The other common cancers in men are stomach and liver cancers. In case of women, most common cancer in the world is breast cancer of about 25% of cancers that are occurring in women are breast cancers. Next, to the breast cancer Colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and cervical cancer are most prevalent in women. The common reason behind cancer is physical carcinogens, chemical carcinogens, and biological carcinogens. Usage of tobacco and alcohol consumption is the main common cause of lung cancer.
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